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12 July 2017
Work Package 1 : Cyclic Load Effects

IFSTTAR geotechnical Centrifuge Test

FEM: Cyclic loading of monopile foundations for offshore windturbine

Context :

GMG/IFSTTAR laboratory is the leading operator of the Work Package WP2 of the ANR SOLCYP+
(Cyclic loading on monopiles for offshore wind turbines) project, under the direction of France
Energies Marines (FEM) Institute and in partnership with EDF-EN Company. SOLCYP+ aims at
delivering scientific responses to some critical and specific issues related to the construction of
offshore wind farms in the French geological context. The WP2 deals more specifically on the effects
of cyclic loading on the transverse response of monopile foundations. To achieve this task,
centrifuge model tests will be performed at the IFSTTAR geo-centrifuge.


We are looking for a highly motivated post-doc to take up a research position on the centrifuge
modelling of monopile foundation. You will work in the framework of the SOLCYP+ project.
Your first goal will be to lead an experimental campaign on model tests performed in macro-gravity.
The second objective will be to analyse carefully theses test results. The third expected result is to
find the key parameters governing the cyclic transverse of monopile foundations.
To perform this work, the first step will be to carry an extensive bibliographic review on monopile
foundations. The second step will consist in the preparation of the centrifuge tests, instrumentation,
etc… For these tests, FBG sensors will be used. Then tests analysis will be achieved using Matlab or
Python programming environment.
You will be expected to publish scholarly papers and attend an international conference.

Required Competencies:

You must hold a PhD in geotechnical engineering.
Moreover, experience on the following will be highly beneficial:

  • centrifuge modelling
  • pile foundation
  • experimental skills
  • Matlab or Python programming skills

Knowledge of English (oral and written) is mandatory and knowledge of French would be an

General information:

  • Organisation: Geomaterials and Models in Geotechnics(GMG) Laboratory, IFSTTAR, Nantes,
    France (
  • Location: Nantes, France
  • Duration: 15 months
  •  Job Status: Full-time
  •  Gross salary: around 2700 euros/month (2024 € net)
  • Application deadline: The position is immediately available.


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