Work Package 3 : Numerical modeling of a pile in chalk

EDF EN conducted in 2016, in the name of EMF (Eolien Maritime France), onshore pile tests installed in calcareous rock to simulate the behavior of monopile under lateral loads and moments. These tests included four (4) static tests and four (4) cyclic tests on pile of 0.76 and 1.2m diameter. To improve the knowledge on this subject; EDF EN and EDF R&D are following a Ph.D. thesis with the ENCP (Navier-Géotechnique) and the UWA (University of Western Australia) based on the interpretation of cyclic tests results.

The Ph. D will allow developing a methodology to take into account the soil-structure interaction for pile foundations under cyclic transversal load in calcarenite.

Work Package 3 - numerical modeling of a pile in chalk

The work that will be performed through SOLCYP+ will be to characterize the cyclic behavior of calcarenite under cyclic load and its degradation mechanism. A laboratory testing campaign will be performed using the same type of calcarenite blocks than used during the work package 2.

Results from tests will then be used to develop a numerical model that will help deepen the knowledge of physical phenomena between the soil and the pile.

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